7th grade

When I first arrived in August, I didn’t know what to expect. 6th grade had gone well, and my hope was 7th grade would be even better. I soon realized many things were about the same. There was a little bit more homework, but it wasn’t as bad as the stories I had heard of how hard 7th grade homework was. The thing that was much easier was actually getting to classes on time without the chaos we experienced during the first month of 6th grade trying to figure everything out.

After the first month of the school year my life was very busy. I was playing football every morning and I had after school sports almost every day. The sports activities, combined with my homework, were terrible at times! Eventually, my workload became easier to manage. I learned three important things this year: be organized, studying pays off, and pay attention!

As this school year comes to an end I find myself wondering where did it go? They say your middle school goes fast, but I can’t believe just how fast it goes. If I had to do it all over again, I would work on being more organized and I would study harder for some tests that I didn’t do well on. Also, I would spend more time making sure my daily assignments were done on time. If I had to give one piece of advice to next year’s seventh grade students it would be this: Don’t underestimate Spanish…stay on top of it because if you get behind it’s hard to catch up.

Lake Day

This weekend I went on the lake with my friend’s family. Even though I have a boat, and use it alot, it was still super fun. My favorite part was we went tubing. It was a two-person tube which made it funner because it was easy to flip over. My favorite part was standing up on the tube.
We also went wake boarding; We had so much fun doing it. I just started last summer and have grown to love it. I am already jumping the wake and doing 360’s and 180’s. It truly is a fun sport, but then again…everything on the lake is fun!!


I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Spread that ball across the field
Football season again
I’m a fan

Through the cold and the rain
I’ll be there at the game
A voice screaming to be heard
I’ll cry sometimes, sometimes I’ll smile
As my voice echoes through the crowd
I’m a fan, I’m a fan, I’m a fan

It’s football season again
I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Tackle hard and play it fair
Football season again
I’m a fan

And at the end of the year
We’ll be dressed in the gear
As they turn to salute the crowd
And we’ll stand with pride
‘Cause they’re our side
And we’ll sing their praises loud
We’re the fans, We’re the fans, We’re the fans

I like this poem because I love football and I’m a huge football fan. Especially for my favorite team the Vikings.

Media and Memory

I just couldn’t do without the movie “Brother Bear.” I loved that movie so much. I must have watched it at least thirty times and never grew tired of it. It was such a heart-warming movie. It made me happy when I watched it. My favorite character was the little bear Koda. The reason I liked Koda was he had a wonderful sense of humor. His mouth seemed to never stop running. I watched this movie in many different places with the help of my mom’s portable DVD player. Road trips, during dinner, the airport, on the plane, on the way to church…you name it…I watched it there.
It seemed like this movie was becoming part of me and my life at the time. Today I don’t watch it as much, but I still manage to get a “Brother Bear” fix at least a couple times a year. Although I have moved on from this phase, “Brother Bear” will always hold a special place in my heart as it seems to capture, bring back, and bring to life so many wonderful memories of my childhood.


“Chase come down here, we need to show you something” my dad said gently. My parents led me to the basement and out the back door. My heart sank as I saw one of the most horrible sights of my life. Almost two dozen turtles were spread across the green grass of my yard. The turtles were so mangled that all that remained were pieces of their shells scattered on the ground. All of this happened because of one little mistake.
“What happened!” I said to myself. “What did this?” I said with remorse. My dad said it was probably a raccoon. I was only in the first grade, but I couldn’t help but hate myself after this tragedy. Earlier that month I thought it would be fun to catch the turtles in the lake, and then turn them into my pets. I had them in very large storage bins on my back patio. This setup gave them plenty of room to swim around, and eat the food I gave them daily. They were in the shade and seemed to have the good life as my pets, but this quickly turned into a terrible disaster. There were only a few lucky turtles that were able to hide from the monster that attacked them. I immediately decided to release them back into the lake.
I soon decided to forgive myself for what happened, and I knew that I would never make that mistake again. I still caught turtles the rest of the summer but after playing with them for awhile I let them go. All I had to do was think of the broken mangled shells in the yard, and that ended the idea of bringing a new pet home that day. This is one mistake, I decided, that I would never make again.

Pool Day

The water was freezing but that made it all the more fun. My friends and I were in a 50 degree pool. When we jumped in it felt like we were actually frozen, as if we couldn’t move. The only thing that could thaw us out was the very inviting, warm sensation of the hot tub.

We made up this game with the hot tub, a tube, and a lacrosse ball; it was super fun. The rules of our new-found game were as follows: While you’re in the hot tub a tube is floating in the cold pool water and you attempt to shoot the lacrosse ball in the tube. If you don’t make it you have to dive into the freezing water, but if you do make it someone else has to make the leap into the painfully cold water. The only bad part of the game was it was almost impossible to make the shot. Needless to say I was cold and shivering most of the afternoon. And that’s how I spent my pool day.

Expository Writing

The 30, the 20, he won’t stop, now the 10…touchdown!!! Yes, our team is in the lead. Football is intense. For instance, we are in the last few seconds of the game. Our team is at the goal line attempting to score. It’s win or lose based on this last play of the game. Put yourself in the running back’s shoes. Who wants to be hit by a 300 pound linebacker? The ball is about to be snapped. Our hearts are pumping out of our chest. There are intense fans to the left and the right screaming at the top of their lungs. The ball is about to be snapped. The sounds are adding to the mounting pressure filling our heads as we think about our role in the last play. Finally, the ball is snapped and we put our entire body, and mind into the play as pads crash against pads. Whoever has the bigger thrust of momentum wins the battle of the play at hand…and ultimately the game.
Football can be alot more intense than yhou think. Some people find that out the hard way.

Snow Day

I woke up in the morning and looked out the window to see a thin blanket of snow lying on the ground. It wasnt much, but it was all that I had hoped for because school was cancelled for the day.

I immediately called a friend and invited him over to spend the day. We did all kinds of fun stuff during the day. At the end of the night we watched the movie “This is the End.” We finally began to fall asleep around 2 in the morning, and that’s how I ended a great snow day.


In 11 days the most exciting game of the year is going to happen!!! The Broncos and the Seahawks are playing in Superbowl XLVIII. They are both great teams and I think it’s going to be one of the best Superbowl’s ever. In my opinion I think the Broncos are going to come out with the win, even though the Seahawks have the best defense in the league. One of the reasons I think the Broncos are going to win is Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the league based on his record breaking season this year. It will be a fun game watching the number one offense of all time against the best defense since the 1985 bears. Either way it’s going to be a great game and a lot of fun to watch!


Pain is blood red
It taste like the iron of biting on to a penny
It smells of the green liquid oozing out of glimmers body
It feels like a fireball grazing my leg
It sounds like the cries of dying people
It looks like blood shot eyes
If you can fight the pain, you can come out a victor